Often Asked Questions

1.       Why open a bookstore? Aren’t bookstores dead?

We opened Stax because we know that people are still reading and bookstores aren’t dead. Yes, there are people who read ebooks but most people read physical books as well or exclusively. Also, we think people like to browse around a physical bookstore. We chose Marlborough because we knew that people in this area would appreciate having a physical bookstore in their neighborhood.

2.       What do you mean all books are discounted?

This is what makes our store unique. All of the current titles are 20% off the cover price. The overstocks and remainders are 20% to 90% off the cover price. Our store is about 50% current titles and 50% publisher overstocks. We think people want to buy books whether they are cookbooks, children’s books, nonfiction or fiction titles, but the full price can be too much. Books shouldn’t be a luxury.

3.       That sounds great! I like saving money. What are overstocks and remainders though?

After a publisher prints a book and sends it out into the world, sometimes there are books that get sent back to the publisher for various reasons. There isn’t anything wrong with these books. Either the store couldn’t stock them or they didn’t sell in a particular store or area. The publisher may have printed too many. The books get sent back to the publisher and the publisher sells them at a greatly reduced price so stores like Stax can sell them to the public at a discount.

4.       Are any of the books in Stax used?

No, none of the books are used. Because the remainders have been in stores and then shipped back and forth from the store to the publisher and then to us, some books may have a little discoloration to the cover or to the pages. We go through the books and make sure the pages aren’t damaged and unreadable. We only want to sell books that we would buy ourselves. And we can be pretty picky.

5.       If you don’t have a book I want, can you order it?

It depends on what the book is and if the distributor we work with has the title. We will try our best though!

6.       What kinds of books do you have in your store?

We have many different kinds of books. We have fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, children’s picture books, early reader books, middle grade and young adult titles. We have humor books and puzzle books. We have some self help and some home and garden books.  We also sell greeting cards, calendars, gifts, and book accessories such as book lights.

7.       Do you sell textbooks?

We do not sell textbooks.

8.       Do you sell bibles?

No, we do not sell bibles.

9.       I have a coupon. Can I use it with my punchcard?

Unless otherwise stated, coupons can not be combined with any other offer from Stax. One coupon per customer.