I'm Sorry for the Delay...

I think I spend maybe 25% of my time apologizing to someone for being late. So now I can add this blog post to my list of things I'm sorry for being late with sending out.

So Stax is 5 months old now. I am mainly in the store on the weekends because my day job is keeping me very busy. After the summer rush dies down, I want to be in the store more. Right now, Mike handles the day-to-day, really stressful stuff and I handle the social media, marketing, and author events (which is also stressful).

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When I graduated from Bentley (then College, not University) with a degree in Marketing, the Internet was really just starting to be a thing so marketing techniques may have been a little different but the common sense of it is the same. I never thought I'd be "good" at it. And by that I mean good enough. I am learning to just go for it. Chances are I won't get it exactly right the first time but I'll learn something from the experience that I can apply to the next time. Wish I could have figure this out about 20 years ago but better late than never. :)

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