Stax Discount Books is 30 Days Old!

Oh man...we own a bookstore. It's a dream come true but never did I think I would ever get the chance. Luckily, I met Mike who might love books as much as I do and the rest is history.

Stax Discount Books is a combination of both of our ideas of a bookstore. We both want to offer readers books at afforable prices and I want to meet as many book people as I can because book people are special people. We both missed having a neighborhood bookstore where we could browse and talk about books. The most important thing, though, we also need to make a living because I've grown accustomed to living in my house and eating food. We were still pretty sure that we were not the only ones who would like a bookstore in the metrowest area. So we took the chance and opened Stax at the end of 2016.

I wouldn't recommend opening a bookstore so close to the holidays. It's super stressful. It's probably stressful at any time but right before the holidays was super, super stressful. There were so many things that we had planned that didn't happen for various reasons and we had to think fast on our feet to figure something else out. We are happy that people have embraced us and welcomed us into the neighborhood. We've had many people come into the store and say how happy they were that there was a bookstore in Marlborough. We feel the same way.

In the coming months, we will be announcing author events and our first book club selection. Like and follow us on Facebook at the Stax Books page. We are also on Twitter and Instagram at @StaxBooks.

Thank you so much!

Tracey and Mike